RN Residency Program

Our RN Residency Program provides graduate Registered Nurses with mentoring and support that is critical to their professional development. Grady offers structured nursing residency for RNs who desire to increase competency and grow professionally. To be eligible for Grady's RN Residency Program, individuals must:

  • Be licensed as an RN in the state of Georgia

  • Be hired into a Grady Nursing Department

  • Meet on one or more eligibility criteria:

    • RNs with fewer than 12 months experience

    • Re-entering RNs who have been out of the workforce for fewer than five years

    • Foreign nurses newly licensed in the United States

    • RNs wishing to change specialties

The residency program only focuses on four nursing specialties: Critical Care, Perinatal Nursing, Emergency Care and Perioperative, and takes 24 months to complete. Participants are asked to commit to working at Grady for 24 months once they complete the residency program.

Program Overview

The goal of Grady's RN Residency Program is to:

  • Develop Competent Care Management Skills

  • Develop Leadership Skills

  • Develop Cultural Awareness

Nurses selected for Grady's RN Residency Program will be provided a comprehensive a mix of structured clinical and theoretical education, and training and career development in a culturally responsive healthcare environment.

Our program features:

  • Assigned Mentors

  • Dedicated Clinical Preceptors

  • Ongoing Needs Assessment

The program's first three to six months focus on basic knowledge and skill development. During the first year, the RN resident will gain knowledge in clinical skills, leadership, and critical thinking. During the second year, participants function as advanced beginners in their self-selected specialty. Throughout the program, RN residents will be mentored to foster goal achievement, role fulfillment and personal satisfaction.

How is training accomplished?

RN Residency Program training is accomplished through a core and specialty curriculum. Training is delivered either through a traditional teaching/learning classroom model or interactive computer-based learning. Core educational offerings include IV therapy, EKG, Cultural competency and PI/Defensive documentation courses. These courses are offered on a revolving basis throughout the calendar year.

Specialty courses range from six weeks to six months in length. Content encompasses a comprehensive review of key nursing concepts essential for practice in the specialties. Integral to the program is a mentoring component, which promotes professional growth and development. Additionally, interwoven into the program are strategies for stress management and principles of evidenced-based practice.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the mentoring component about?
Research shows employees who are unable to assimilate socially and clinically within their first 12 months seek employment elsewhere. Without effective mentoring, individuals report feeling overwhelmed and the fire of enthusiasm begins to flicker.

Mentoring is designed to promote the psychosocial and clinical development of RN Residency Program nurses. Mentors promote acceptance, confirmation, and role acquisition to the individual being mentored. The mentor becomes a coach, teacher and guide to ensure the resident's success.

How often is the RN Residency Program held?
Program curriculum cycles vary by specialty. They range from twice to four times a year. Eligible applicants are encouraged to apply early, as positions are limited.

How do I apply for the RN Residency Program?
To be eligible for the RN Residency Program, individuals must be licensed as an RN in the state of Georgia, meet on one or more eligibility criteria, and be hired into a Grady Nursing Department. Program staff and Human Resources can help to schedule appointments with hiring managers.

Is there a service commitment associated with the RN Residency Program?
Program participants are asked to commit to working at Grady for 24 months.

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