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Does Grady have a nursing program?

No. Grady does not have a Nursing Program; however we partner with the local...

Does Grady hire new nursing graduates?

Yes we hire new graduates for our residency program which requires a two year commitment.

Will Grady allow me to work while I wait for my Georgia license?

Per our application and job requirements a GA RN license is required at the time of application.

How do I apply to be a Nurse Extern?

We hire for the Nurse Extern Program twice a year, in May and December. Please check the career...

How do I apply for the Nurse Residency Program?

Apply to any open Staff RN requisition to be considered for the residency program.

I don’t see any (specific positions) open. Are there any available?

If you do not see the position on our website, then we do not have any current openings for that...

I just completed school and have not received my license, do I select yes or no on my application to proceed?

You would not proceed with the application until you have received your license because the jobs...

How can I transfer/change my license from another state to Georgia?

You can go to the following website:

I have been applying for Grady for the past 1+ years and no one ever calls me back. Is it who you know to get you through the door?

No, Grady Health System’s policy is first-come-first-serve, and we do believe upholding the...

Can I update my resume online after submitting my application?

The system will not allow HR representatives or you change/update your resume after submitting....

Can you tell me what number I am on the list?

No, however, you can tell the candidate “you have a number of candidates in front of you.” To...

Do I need a resume for the application?

It would be beneficial, but it is not mandatory. Just be sure to enter all work history in the...

Can you forward my application to the hiring manager?

No, we are strict with our first-come-first-serve policy because it is important to keep the...

How long is the application process?

There is no exact time. Normally it takes between 2-3 weeks for coordinator/manager to review the...

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